Pet Portrait

Latest Pet Portrait finished

I finished the latest pet portrait. 5 dog heads 14x11 inches, pastel pencils. I'll be delivering it this weekend.
Comments always welcome  :)


Texaco cat portrait finished

Finished the cat portrait 'Texaco'


Working on cat portrait

Working on a cat portrait



This is Ridley, a handsome dog I had the pleasure painting and finished last weekend.



This is my brother-in-law's dog, the painting is a birthday present.
14x11 soft pastel on wallis sanded paper

casey web IMG_0002

3 Kitties - Mother's Day Portrait

This past week I painted these three lovelies for a repeat client (Prissy) for a mother's day present. Now I'm off to the beach, I should come back with some inspiration :) 14x11 on Canson Mi Tienes paper (smooth side)


Pair of puppies

Here is another pet portrait commission that I finished on the 17th I hope the recipient enjoys it.

10 x 8 on Canson Mi Tienes paper (textured side)

Prissy is finished

Here is the final, finished portrait of Prissy. My client is giving it to her Mom for Christmas, I hope she will be pleased. Prissy is an irresistable looking cat. :) and it was fun painting her.
10 x 8 on Canson Mi Tienes paper (textured side)


almost done


more painting done


lovely cat

This week I started another pet portrait commission (Christmas Present). She is a lovely long-haired harlequin.
sc1 sc2 sc3 sc4

Cows come home!

Cow painting is finished


A little more cows

I've started to ad a little more detail in the cows


Bovine Progress

filled in some more of the background


We're Mooooving along

I got a little more done tonight


The Cows aren't home yet

Since I was sick over the weekend, the progress on the painting has been slow. Here is what I have so far...
IMG_0002 1

How now brown cow!

I'm working on a "farm portrait" of a field with barns and cows. The problem was when I got to the farm the cows were behind the barn, so I had to take a bunch of photos and put a composition with the cows IN FRONT of the barn.

Here are the reference photos


Using the reference photos, I developed a composition sketch


Here's the start of my painting


Small Portrait - Ashley

I did this small (5x7) pet portrati today, pastel pencils and soft pastel


Dexter Done


Dexter in progress


More Dexter

worked on Dexter a smidge more today

Here kitty, kitty!

I'm starting on a new cat portrait

kcatIMG_0016 kcatIMG_0017

Nismo Done!

Here is the final product. Check back soon for the next project. I have several ideas for a non-pet-portrait painting, but haven't decided what I'm going to start yet.

Still working on Nismo


More Nismo

I got to work on Nismo a little more this weekend, here is what she looks like now

Working on Nismo, lights out!

Woke up this morning and its snowing like crazy, I set up to start Nismo portrait and *POOF!* the electricity goes out, so I reset up right next to the window, to work on her with available natural light. I got some done before I had to go out and shovel :(
electric is back on now !YAY! but I am so sore from shoveling, I don't know how much more painting I can get done today. -whine! whine!-

IMG_0030 IMG_0032 IMG_0034

Tango fini

Ferret is finanly finished. I think Tango came out well, I tried not to get too detailed with the leaves, so the ferret would stay the focus. I'm planning a pit bull next. To see a better close up view, click on his picture.



I started a pet portrait today for a friend. This will be the first ferret I've done. The reference photo is of the ferret playing in some leaves, very cute. Hopefully my rendering will do him justice. I'll post more as I progress.
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