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Pet Portraits
Memorial Portraits and Special Gifts for Pet Lovers Portraits are rendered in Soft Pastel and are 8x10 (with 11x14 mat) for a head portrait or full body portrait of small animal. Full body portraits are available in 11x14 ( with a 16x20 mat). You receive your finished portrait matted. Each portrait takes about 2 to 4 weeks after receiving your photos & deposit to completion. 8x10 portraits are $200 and 11x14 are $325. Contact me for details and specifications. Below are some samples of previous portraits. Enjoy Now taking orders for Christmas. Contact me for details.
2 cats Landwehr DSC_0406.jpg
Anna Marie ferret portrait.jpg
Cindy Gray dog portrait Rotten.jpg
Claude Bowen cat pet portrait DSC_0014.jpg
Cynthia Grimes cat portrait 1.jpg
Diana Krut dog portrait Batman IMG_7220.jpg
Diana Krut dog portrait Stormy IMG_7221.jpg
Diane dog portrait Copper.jpg
Donna Donohue dog portrait Lucy.jpg
Eastman dog portrait Ridley.jpg
german shepher dog portrait DSC_1341.jpg
IMG_0002 adj.jpg
IMG_0005 Kathi DuTilly cat.jpg
Jennifer Hill dog portrait Lulu.jpg
jessica cat portrait Monty IMG_0003.jpg
Kathy Harper dog portrait Patches IMG_6985.jpg
Katie Heritage 2 cats portrait.jpg
Katie Heritage cat portrait Grendal.jpg
Kim Cooper cat portrait Dusk.jpg
Kim Cooper Dog portrait Chase.jpg
Kylic 2 dog portrait.jpg
Lori Sisson 3 dog portait no2.jpg
nismo dog portrait.jpg
sally bowen cat portrait Dante.jpg
Stacie Cole 2 cats portrait IMG_0005.jpg
Stacie Cole cat portrait Prissy.jpg
Stacie Cole orange cat pet portrait EPSON001.jpg
Steve Marshall 2 dog portrait 2017 IMG_7111.jpg
Steve Scheller dog portrait Lois.jpg